2N Villa Kit – 2N IP Solo surface + 2N Indoor Compact White with flush mount box + 2x MV license for 12 months + PoE switch, UK plug

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The 2N Villa Kit you mentioned consists of several components:

1. 2N IP Solo Surface: This is a stylish and robust outdoor intercom device that features a camera, microphone, and speaker. It is designed for installation on the surface of a wall or door.

2. 2N Indoor Compact White with flush mount box: This is an indoor intercom unit that complements the 2N IP Solo Surface. It allows you to communicate with visitors and control access from inside your premises. The flush mount box ensures a neat and seamless installation.

3. 2x MV license for 12 months: The MV license is a software license that enables advanced functionalities of the 2N intercom system. By purchasing two licenses for a duration of 12 months each, you can access additional features and capabilities offered by 2N.

4. PoE Switch (Power over Ethernet): This device allows you to power the intercom units using a single Ethernet cable. It eliminates the need for separate power adapters and simplifies the installation process. The switch comes with a UK plug, which is compatible with the power outlets in the United Kingdom.

Overall, this kit provides you with a comprehensive intercom solution for your villa, combining outdoor and indoor intercom units, advanced software features, and a PoE switch for convenient power management.

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