2N IP Safety: Red Emergency Button & 10W Speaker

2N IP Safety: Red Emergency Button & 10W Speaker


2N IP Safety – Red emergency button and 10W speaker

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The 2N IP Safety is a specialized intercom unit designed for emergency situations. It features a red emergency button and a 10W speaker to ensure clear and effective communication during critical events. Here are some key details about the 2N IP Safety with these features:

1. Emergency Button: The IP Safety is equipped with a prominent red emergency button. This button is designed to be easily identifiable and accessible in emergency situations. When pressed, it triggers predefined emergency protocols or actions, such as alerting security personnel or initiating emergency broadcasts.

2. Communication Features: The intercom unit supports two-way audio communication, enabling real-time communication between users. The 10W speaker ensures that messages are heard clearly and loudly, even in noisy environments or during emergencies.

3. Emergency Response: The IP Safety is specifically designed to enhance emergency response capabilities. It allows users to quickly call for help, report emergencies, or communicate vital information to designated personnel or emergency services.

4. Integration and Compatibility: The IP Safety is designed to integrate with various IP-based intercom systems, security systems, and emergency management platforms. It can be seamlessly connected to existing infrastructure to enhance emergency communication and response capabilities.

5. Power Supply: The IP Safety typically requires a Power over Ethernet (PoE) power source for operation, allowing for a single cable connection for both data and power transmission.

6. Durability and Reliability: The IP Safety is built to withstand challenging environments and is typically resistant to vandalism, dust, and water. It is designed to operate reliably during critical situations, ensuring continuous communication availability.

The 2N IP Safety with a red emergency button and 10W speaker provides a dedicated solution for emergency communication and response. For detailed information about its specifications, features, and compatibility, I recommend referring to the product documentation or contacting 2N directly.

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2N IP Safety Red Emergency Button & 10W Speaker

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