2N Proximity Keyfobs Mifare (13.56MHz)

2N Proximity Keyfobs Mifare (13.56MHz)


Mifare RFID key fob for 2N 13.56MHz smart card reader

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The 2N Proximity Keyfobs Mifare (13.56MHz) are keyfobs that utilize Mifare technology operating at the frequency of 13.56MHz. These keyfobs are designed for access control systems and provide convenient and secure identification and access. Here are some key points about the 2N Proximity Keyfobs Mifare (13.56MHz):

1. Frequency: The keyfobs operate at the frequency of 13.56MHz, which is the standard frequency for Mifare contactless smart card technology.

2. Mifare Technology: The keyfobs use Mifare technology, which is a widely adopted RFID technology for contactless smart cards. Mifare technology offers enhanced security features and supports various applications.

3. Compact Design: The keyfobs are designed to be compact and portable, resembling a keychain or keyfob. They can be easily carried on a keyring or attached to a lanyard for convenient access.

4. Identification and Access Control: The 2N Proximity Keyfobs Mifare are primarily used for identification and access control purposes. They allow authorized individuals to gain entry to secure areas by presenting the keyfob to a compatible Mifare reader.

5. Security Features: Mifare technology incorporates advanced security features, including encryption algorithms and authentication mechanisms, to ensure secure data transmission and prevent unauthorized access.

6. Compatibility: The keyfobs are designed to be compatible with Mifare card readers operating at 13.56MHz. It’s important to ensure that the keyfobs and readers are compatible for proper functionality.

7. Applications: The 2N Proximity Keyfobs Mifare can be used in various applications, such as access control systems, time and attendance tracking, cashless payment systems, and other RFID-based applications.

When using the 2N Proximity Keyfobs Mifare (13.56MHz), it’s important to ensure compatibility between the keyfobs and the card reader or system you are using. It’s recommended to consult with the manufacturer or supplier, such as 2N, to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on the keyfobs’ specifications and compatibility with your access control system.

Please note that product offerings and specifications may change over time, so it’s always a good idea to consult with the manufacturer or supplier for the most current information on available proximity keyfob options.

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2N Proximity Keyfobs Mifare (13.56MHz)

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