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The 2N Induction Loop is an assistive listening device designed to provide improved sound quality and accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments. It helps transmit audio directly to hearing aids or compatible receivers using electromagnetic induction.

To obtain the 2N Induction Loop, you can consider the following options:

1. Contact 2N: Reach out to 2N directly through their official website or customer support channels. Inquire about the availability of the 2N Induction Loop and how to purchase it. They will have the most accurate information and can guide you through the purchasing process.

2. Authorized Resellers/Distributors: Get in touch with authorized resellers or distributors of 2N products. These vendors may carry the 2N Induction Loop or be able to assist you in obtaining it. They can provide you with pricing information and guide you through the purchase.

3. Accessibility Equipment Suppliers: Contact suppliers or vendors specializing in accessibility equipment or assistive listening devices. They may carry the 2N Induction Loop or similar products that can meet your needs. They can provide you with product information, pricing, and purchasing options.

4. Online Marketplaces: Reputable online marketplaces that specialize in selling assistive listening devices may have listings for the 2N Induction Loop. Websites like eBay or Amazon could be potential platforms to explore. Ensure you choose a trusted seller with positive reviews.

When reaching out to the manufacturer, authorized resellers, or vendors, provide specific details about your requirements for the Induction Loop to ensure accurate identification and compatibility.

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2N Induction Loop

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