Konftel Charging Cradle

Konftel Charging Cradle


Spare charging cradle for the Konftel 300Wx DECT Conference Phone

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The Konftel Charging Cradle is an accessory designed to conveniently charge compatible Konftel conference phones. It provides a dedicated and organized charging solution for the conference phone, ensuring it is always ready for use.

Here are some key points regarding the Konftel Charging Cradle:

1. Charging Convenience: The charging cradle allows you to dock and charge your Konftel conference phone in a convenient and accessible manner. Instead of connecting the phone directly to a power source, you can simply place it in the charging cradle, which makes charging quick and hassle-free.

2. Compatible Models: The charging cradle is designed specifically for compatible Konftel conference phone models. It’s important to ensure that the specific conference phone model you have is compatible with the charging cradle before making a purchase. Konftel provides charging cradles for various models, so you can find the one that matches your specific conference phone.

3. Organized and Tidy Setup: With a charging cradle, you can keep your conference phone neatly organized on your desk or conference room table. It provides a dedicated spot for the phone when not in use and avoids tangled cords or cluttered charging setups.

4. Charging Indicator: The charging cradle often includes a charging indicator to show the charging status of the conference phone. It may feature LED lights or other visual indicators to indicate when the phone is charging, fully charged, or not properly docked.

5. Compatibility with Power Adapters: The charging cradle typically works in conjunction with the power adapter provided with your Konftel conference phone. The power adapter is connected to the charging cradle, and the phone sits in the cradle, allowing it to charge efficiently.

6. Versatile Usage: The charging cradle is commonly used in office environments, conference rooms, or any setting where a Konftel conference phone is frequently used. It provides a dedicated charging solution and helps ensure that the phone is always ready for important meetings or conference calls.

When considering a charging cradle for your Konftel conference phone, it’s essential to verify compatibility with your specific phone model. Check the specifications and product documentation provided by Konftel or consult with authorized Konftel resellers to ensure the correct charging cradle is selected.

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