Gigaset N610 IP Pro Single Cell Base station (No PSU)

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The Gigaset N610 IP Pro Single Cell Base Station is a DECT IP base station designed for professional use. Here are some key details about this device:

1. DECT IP base station: The N610 IP Pro Single Cell Base Station connects to your IP network, allowing you to make and receive VoIP calls using compatible handsets.
2. Single cell system: It operates as a standalone system, supporting multiple handsets within a single cell coverage area.
3. Scalability: The base station supports up to six handsets and can handle up to eight simultaneous calls.
4. HD sound quality: It ensures high-definition voice quality for clear and professional calls.
5. Power options: The base station does not come with a Power Supply Unit (PSU) included, so you will need to provide a compatible PSU to power the device.
6. Compatibility: It is compatible with various SIP-based VoIP providers and PBX systems.

Please note that the Gigaset N610 IP Pro Single Cell Base Station does not include a PSU, so you will need to purchase a compatible PSU separately to power the base station.

For the most up-to-date information on the Gigaset N610 IP Pro Single Cell Base Station, it is recommended to refer to the official Gigaset website or contact their customer support.

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