Snom 8 Series Wall Mount Bracket

Snom 8 Series Wall Mount Bracket


Wall mount bracket for 800-series snom phones

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Snom offers a wall mount bracket specifically designed for the Snom 8 series IP phones. The wall mount bracket allows you to securely mount the phone on a wall, providing a convenient and space-saving installation option.

The specific model number of the wall mount bracket for the Snom 8 series phones is “WM8.” It is compatible with various Snom 8 series models, including the Snom 820, Snom 821, Snom 870, and Snom 870 Color.

To install the Snom 8 series phone using the wall mount bracket, follow these general steps:

1. Ensure you have the Snom WM8 wall mount bracket.
2. Identify the desired location on the wall where you want to mount the phone. Ensure it is within reach of an Ethernet connection and a power outlet if required.
3. Use appropriate mounting hardware (such as screws and wall anchors) to securely attach the wall mount bracket to the wall. Make sure the bracket is level and firmly attached.
4. Connect the Ethernet and power cables to the phone if necessary, ensuring they are routed through the appropriate openings in the wall mount bracket.
5. Align the phone with the wall mount bracket and slide it downward until it clicks into place. Ensure that the phone is securely mounted.
6. Adjust the phone’s angle as needed for optimal viewing and usage.

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