Snom A230 USB DECT Dongle

Snom A230 USB DECT Dongle


snom A230 USB DECT dongle for use with C52-SP

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The Snom A230 is a USB DECT dongle designed to enable wireless connectivity between Snom IP phones and compatible DECT headsets. It allows for convenient and reliable communication without the need for a physical wired connection.

The Snom A230 USB DECT dongle typically offers the following features:

1. DECT connectivity: The dongle utilizes DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology to establish a wireless connection between the Snom IP phone and DECT headsets.

2. Plug-and-play installation: The A230 dongle can be easily plugged into a USB port on a Snom IP phone or compatible device, providing a straightforward setup process.

3. Compatibility: The dongle is designed to be compatible with Snom IP phones and can work with compatible DECT headsets that support the DECT GAP protocol.

4. Wireless range: The A230 dongle provides a certain wireless range, allowing for mobility and freedom of movement while maintaining communication with the Snom IP phone.

5. DECT encryption: It may support DECT encryption to ensure secure and private communication between the Snom IP phone and DECT headsets.

6. Power supply: The A230 USB DECT dongle is typically powered directly from the USB port of the Snom IP phone, eliminating the need for an external power supply.

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