Snom C520-WiMi IP Conference Phone

Snom C520-WiMi IP Conference Phone


Snom C520-WiMi IP Conference Phone

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The Snom C520-WiMi is an IP conference phone designed for high-quality audio conferencing in meeting rooms and conference spaces. It offers advanced features and capabilities to facilitate clear and effective communication during conference calls.

Key features of the Snom C520-WiMi IP Conference Phone may include:

1. Wireless connectivity: The C520-WiMi supports wireless connectivity through DECT technology, allowing flexibility in positioning the conference phone within the conference room without the need for a physical wired connection.

2. OmniSound® HD audio technology: The conference phone is equipped with Snom’s OmniSound® HD audio technology, which ensures crystal-clear sound quality and full-duplex communication, allowing natural conversation flow.

3. Expandable speaker system: The C520-WiMi comes with two wireless DECT speakers that can be placed in different locations around the room, providing even sound distribution and allowing participants to hear and be heard clearly.

4. Full-room coverage: With the wireless speakers, the C520-WiMi can cover larger conference rooms and meeting spaces, ensuring that all participants can actively participate in the call.

5. Intuitive user interface: The conference phone features a user-friendly interface with a high-resolution color display and easy-to-use navigation buttons, allowing for convenient call management and configuration.

6. Multiple call management features: The C520-WiMi supports essential call management features such as call hold, call transfer, call waiting, mute, and volume control, providing participants with control over their conference call experience.

7. Compatibility and integration: The conference phone is designed to work seamlessly with Snom IP phone systems and is compatible with various SIP-based platforms and PBX systems.

8. Power over Ethernet (PoE): The C520-WiMi is typically powered via PoE, simplifying installation and reducing cable clutter.

It’s worth noting that specific details and features of the Snom C520-WiMi IP Conference Phone may vary. It’s recommended to consult the product documentation provided by Snom or reach out to their customer support for accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Snom C520-WiMi and its capabilities for audio conferencing.

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