Snom MeetingPoint IP Conference Phone

Snom MeetingPoint IP Conference Phone


Snom Meeting Point Conference Phone (PoE and UK PSU)

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The Snom MeetingPoint IP Conference Phone is a high-quality audio conferencing solution designed for business meetings and conference calls. Here are some key details about the Snom MeetingPoint IP Conference Phone:

1. HD Audio Quality: The MeetingPoint features high-definition (HD) audio technology, providing clear and natural sound during conference calls. It uses wideband audio to capture and reproduce a wide range of frequencies, resulting in enhanced voice clarity.

2. 360° Microphone Coverage: The MeetingPoint is equipped with four built-in omni-directional microphones that provide 360° coverage. These microphones ensure that participants’ voices are captured from all directions, making it suitable for larger conference rooms or groups of participants.

3. Speakerphone Functionality: The MeetingPoint has a powerful built-in speaker that delivers high-quality audio output. It supports full-duplex communication, allowing participants to speak and listen simultaneously without audio clipping or interruptions.

4. Easy Call Management: The conference phone features intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, making it easy to manage conference calls. It offers essential call management features such as call hold, call transfer, call waiting, and mute functionality.

5. Multiple Connectivity Options: The MeetingPoint supports both analog and IP connectivity options, providing flexibility in integration with different telephony systems. It can be connected to an analog telephone line or an IP network using standard Ethernet connections.

6. Expansion Microphones: The MeetingPoint is expandable with optional Snom Expansion Microphones, which allow for wider audio coverage and better audio pickup in larger conference rooms or when more participants are present.

7. Multi-Language Support: The conference phone offers multi-language support, allowing participants to select their preferred language for the phone’s user interface and audio prompts.

8. Integration and Compatibility: The MeetingPoint is compatible with various SIP-based IP telephony platforms, including Snom’s own IP PBX systems as well as other third-party IP telephony systems that support SIP protocol.

9. Additional Features: The MeetingPoint may offer additional features such as echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automatic gain control to optimize audio quality during conference calls. It may also include a built-in phone book, call recording capabilities, and advanced security features.

Please note that specific features, specifications, and compatibility may vary depending on the model and firmware version of the Snom MeetingPoint IP Conference Phone. For the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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