Spare charging cradle for Snom M65 cordless handset WITHOUT power supply

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The Snom M65 is a DECT IP phone designed for wireless communication within an IP telephony system. Here are some key features and specifications of the Snom M65 DECT IP phone:

1. DECT Technology: The M65 utilizes DECT technology for secure and interference-free wireless communication.

2. IP Telephony Integration: The M65 is designed to work with IP telephony systems, allowing for seamless integration within an IP-based communication infrastructure.

3. HD Audio: The phone supports wideband audio (HD audio), providing clear and natural voice quality during calls.

4. Color Display: The M65 features a color display, which allows for easy navigation and access to phone features and settings.

5. Multiple Lines: The phone supports multiple lines, enabling you to handle multiple calls simultaneously.

6. Enhanced Battery Life: The M65 is equipped with a long-lasting battery, providing extended talk time and standby time.

7. User-friendly Interface: The phone has an intuitive user interface with dedicated function keys for common call features, such as hold, transfer, and mute.

8. Seamless Roaming: The M65 supports seamless handover between base stations, allowing users to move freely within the coverage range without call interruption.

9. Compatibility: The M65 is compatible with Snom’s DECT base stations, such as the M700 and M900 series, providing a scalable and flexible DECT solution.

10. Durability: The M65 is designed to be durable and withstand demanding environments, making it suitable for various business settings.

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