Yealink CP930W Wireless DECT Conference Phone

Yealink CP930W Wireless DECT Conference Phone


Wireless DECT conference phone compatible with the W60B/W70B base station

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The Yealink CP930W is a wireless DECT conference phone designed for professional meetings and conferences. It offers the convenience of mobility and flexibility without compromising audio quality and performance. Here are some key features and details about the Yealink CP930W:

Wireless DECT Technology: The CP930W utilizes DECT technology to provide a reliable and secure wireless connection. DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a wireless communication standard specifically designed for voice communication.

Superior Audio Quality: The conference phone is equipped with Yealink’s Optima HD Voice technology, which ensures crystal-clear audio during calls. It features a full-duplex speakerphone and supports noise cancellation, echo suppression, and background noise reduction.

3-Microphone Array: The CP930W features a built-in microphone array with three microphones, providing a 20-foot (6-meter) voice pickup range. This allows participants to be heard clearly even in larger conference rooms.

Portable Design: The CP930W is designed for mobility and convenience. It comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 24 hours of talk time and up to 15 days of standby time. The wireless design eliminates the need for cables and allows users to easily move the conference phone to different locations.

User-Friendly Interface: The conference phone features a user-friendly interface with a 3.1-inch graphical LCD screen and a touch-sensitive keypad. It supports intuitive navigation and easy access to various features and settings.

Connectivity Options: The CP930W supports both Bluetooth and USB connectivity. It can be paired with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for wireless audio conferencing. The USB port allows for connection to a PC for VoIP calls or to use the conference phone as a speaker for multimedia content.

Expanded Meeting Capacity: The CP930W can be paired with up to five additional CP930W wireless expansion microphones, extending the voice pickup range and accommodating larger meeting rooms with more participants.

Security and Management: The conference phone supports industry-standard security protocols, including TLS and SRTP encryption, to ensure secure communication. It can be managed and provisioned remotely through Yealink’s device management platform.

Overall, the Yealink CP930W wireless DECT conference phone offers a convenient and high-quality solution for wireless conference calls and meetings, providing mobility, flexibility, and excellent audio performance.

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